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Profile of the Resident

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The young people of the Casa Javier Association enter our Program between the ages of 11 and 13. They come from homes in abandonment and/or poverty, but with a desire for self-improvement. They are adolescents who will begin or are in high school, with a good academic and behavioral history. The resident of this Program has all the facilities and opportunities to become a valuable person for the society in which he/she lives.


Every young person who aspires to be a resident of the Casa Javier Association should have some of the following characteristics that will help in their future development in the residence:

Have enthusiasm and ambition. It requires a great desire for improvement and a need to achieve the goals that he/she sets himself/herself.

Have social skills to live in community, respect for others, spirit of collaboration and service to others. Also, knowing how to recognize mistakes and seek to amend them, as well as express their points of view, as well as overcome the pressure of the group.

Personal care (of self and belongings), and respect for others (people, their space and their properties).

Effort and dedication, planning ability and ability to act independently (autonomy and discipline).

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