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Our Way of Working

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The houses of the Casa Javier Association aim to establish and maintain residences for adolescents and young people who meet the requirements that allow them to be adults with values and values to serve the country and themselves. In our way of working, the resident retires from the house once he has reached his training as a professional with a higher education level.


The houses of the Casa Javier Association offer:

Complete education in private schools.

Higher education (university and / or institutes), according to the capacities and desire of the person.

Food, home, health, visits with their families, participation in decision-making, as well as full freedom in the exercise of their rights.

The residents are given allowances, which they are responsible for.

The residents can use all the facilities of the house, enter, exit and receive visits.

One of the goals of the Program is that parents continue to maintain some responsibility for the upbringing of their children.


The challenge of our residents is that when they finish the program, they will be able to face with maturity and optimism their future life as a professional, father/mother and citizen in the society where they live in.

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