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Former Residents

acj mision y objetivos ¿cómo donar?

Our former residents are the greatest example of our program.


Many of them have been able to carry the teachings and values received during their permanence in our homes. Here are some of those testimonials.

Former Residents


He was the first resident of the program (1993), a native of Huancayo, finished high school, then postulated to the National Engineering University where he graduated in Telecommunications Engineering.


He was in the house for eleven years until he got his first job. He currently lives in Salamanca and works for a telephone company.


He came in 1999 from Tacna where he finished his high school. He finished his studies of Economics in the Pontifical Catholic University (PUCP).


He currently works in a government entity and lives in Pueblo Libre.

DONATOProfessional in Systems

He came from a village in Chaclacayo (1995) while he was finishing high school. He applied to an institute (CIMA’S) in systems and finished in 2002.


He currently lives in Breña with his wife and son and works at the Children’s Hospital.

JUVERTeacher of Philosophy

He came in 1999 from Piura where he finished school. He studied philosophy for three years at the Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya and then moved to the Pontifical Catholic University (PUCP) to conclude his career. He received a scholarship for all his university studies. He finished in 2005 and worked for two years as a teacher at the Jesuit seminary in Jaén (Cajamarca).


He returned to Piura to work as a teacher. He currently runs a home for five young people from the department of Amazonas. He studies for a graduate degree in the University of Piura.

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