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Common Activities


The residential program of Casa Javier has as one of its main axes the academic training of residents, so the study has special relevance. As of 2017, four of our residents study at IPAE, UPC, PUCP and Arzobispo Loayza Institute; two residents are in pre-university academies, eight residents in secondary education and one resident in primary education in the following schools: CEP San Francisco Javier, CEP Maria de la Providencia and CEP Luz Casanova.


Our homes are implemented with libraries and computers to facilitate study in our residents. Also, each of the houses has a schedule established for the study, which is supervised and accompanied by educators.

Religious education

The residential program is based on Ignatian spirituality: Ignatian spirituality is a way to look at life in a new, grateful way, with compassionate and committed eyes, with doses of humor, common sense, support in others, a wise reading of our past so as not to take the present tragically and to live inspiring future.


Our residents are trained in Christian values in different ways, participating in religious activities such as Sunday masses, religious celebrations (Easter, Christmas, All Saints), attendance at catechesis of confirmation and with formation in parochial schools.

Recreational Activities

There are several types of activities related to recreation and family formation: birthday celebration (where all three residences join the celebration), walks to Santa Eulalia, walks to the beach in summer, annual camps, celebration of Independence Day), monthly lunches in restaurants, celebration of Christmas and New Year, anniversary of our organization, annual dinner of our Board with residents, among other activities.


In this way, the residents are given a warm, family-like environment that is considered to be the recreational space of their own age.

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