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Mission and Goals

acj mision y objetivos ¿cómo donar?


We transform the lives of adolescents and young people through family homes”.

We provide opportunities for children, adolescents and young people living in situations of vulnerability and poverty. To do this, we recreate a dynamics of home that is reinforced with a personalized accompaniment for the purpose of enhancing their talents, deepen their values and develop a sensitivity to the service of others; all this work functions under the inspiration of the Ignatian spirituality.


Being a warm family with strong religious values that provides opportunities for children, adolescents and young people, with the aim of empowering their talent and trying to fulfill all their goals so that, in turn, they become leaders in their community.


Having homes, unique in Peru, that provide opportunities for higher education to all residents who complete their schooling.

Inculcate Christian values in the daily practices of all our residents and former residents.

Guide the residents of our program to find the right path with respect to their academic, artistic and other development.

Develop, through trained and focused tutors, the talent of the residents of our program.

Casa Javier Association

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