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Casa Javier Association (ACJ)

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The Beginning

Casa Javier Association was born with the purpose of making homes for adolescents and young people. The idea came from the personal experiences of Paul Lammermeier, a Catholic lay missionary. Paul came to Peru in 1988 and began working as a History and English teacher at a parish school in Breña-Lima. He started a social work program with his students for the children of COMAIN, a known shelter for kids in Lima where he observed the shortage of opportunities for the young people of these institutions when they leave, when they reach adolescence with fourteen years of age and often face life without a family or a stable home.


In 1992, Paul invited a teenager to his home to help him develop his education in a safe environment and in 1993 invited another young man. In 1995, with two teenagers living in his home, Paul received the help of some friends from the United States, mainly alumni from his experience as a teacher in United States who promised to help him, establishing in the USA the Paul Lammermeier Foundation Inc (PLF ), non-profit, whose purpose is to provide funds for the maintenance of youth.


In 1995, with the support of his friends from Peru, the Casa Javier Association (ACJ) was established, according to Peruvian legislation, which has a different board of directors from the Paul Lammermeier Foundation Inc. (PLF) and is in charge of the management of the three homes.


Initially, most of the adolescents came from the Peruvian highlands, victims of the terrorism years in Peru. After joining the program, all residents have reunited with their natural families.


In 1997 the PLF bought a first house, Casa Javier, located in Breña. With a remodeling in 1999, it currently houses five teenagers and youngsters, plus two adult parents who live with them, sharing a family atmosphere.


Casa Javier

In 2001 came the idea of a second home. Thanks to contributions from US donors, Casa Ignacio was purchased in 2004, also located in the district of Breña. After a remodeling, the house was opened in 2005. It currently houses seven teenagers and young people, as well as two adult parents.


The model of Paul Lammermeier takes the model of Boys Hope Girls Hope (BHGH), association founded in the United States in 1972 by Father Paul Sheridan, SJ. This program currently has dozens of homes in several cities in the United States and Latin America. This model emphasizes the education of children and adolescents in a family environment, not institutional, giving them every opportunity to develop the talents of each young person. In Lima, our purpose is that each resident can lodge with us until he finishes his studies and obtaining an academic degree. In this sense, we focus on the purpose of training professionals with Christian values for Peruvian society.


acj casa teresa
Actual Picture. Casa Teresa

Our plan was to expand the program in Lima in the following years. In this sense, in 2011 we bought Casa Teresa and after a process of remodeling, we began to welcome our first girls at the end of 2012.


We are also in the process of expanding our support base and donors in Peru, for the program to continue in the future. We are a Peruvian program that provides support to teenagers and young Peruvians. We contribute to the strengthening of the quality of life of our young people, enabling them a better future for themselves and their families, providing them with the opportunity of academic education and values. In this way we contribute to the development of our country and our young people.

Casa Javier Model

Casa Javier Association

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