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Alejandro is already studying Electronic Engineering at the UTEC.

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Alejandro Estudiará Ingeniería UTEC agosto noticias acj asociacion casa javier

We share with you an excellent news. Alejandro, participant of our program, thanks to his constant effort and dedication, and with the support of an educational credit granted by the University of Engineering and Technology- UTEC, has entered this semester to study at the UTEC university.


Alejandro entered Casa Javier at age 12. From the beginning he felt in family and comfortable within the program. He was always interested in studying engineering, since he wanted to study some discipline that would allow him to manipulate electronic devices. Currently he is studying Electronic Engineering.


Alejandro sent a thank you letter to the board of directors of Casa Javier after his admission to the university, from which we copy here an extract:


“I do not deny that I still have fears and challenges that invade me regarding the level and demand of the university, but I intend to fight and make an effort because this opportunity that Casa Javier and you gave me is worth it. Thank you very much…”


From here we wish you the best in the beginning of your preparation as a professional, and we thank the UTEC that, with your financial support, is making Alejandro’s dream possible.

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