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Common Activities

The residential program of Casa Javier has as one of its main axes the academic training of residents, so the study has special relevance. As of 2017, four of our residents study at IPAE, UPC, PUCP...

Casa Teresa

It is the third house of our organization, acquired in 2011 and also located in the district of Breña. The name Casa Teresa was chosen in honor of Mother Teresa of Calcutta. Casa Teresa is the residence...

Casa Ignacio

Casa Ignacio was purchased in August 2004 to increase the number of residents of the program, providing the opportunity to receive up to eight additional residents.   The house has seven bedrooms and four bathrooms, plus a...

Casa Javier

Casa Javier is the first of our houses, was acquired in April 1997. It is located in Breña. It is a large house with three floors, has a living room, kitchen, study room, a small computer center,...

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